Some important issues to take into account when arriving to Santarém, or Rio Maior.

What to do before arrival


  • Identification Card

    (valid passport or ID);

  • European Health Insurance Card;
  • Academic supporting documents;

Students should make sure they have all the necessary financial resources to stay in the city (it is important to pay attention to costs of food, transport, health and any extra costs that might happen in day-to-day life.

If you are not fluent in Portuguese language

  • Before you leave your country you can search for schools that teach Portuguese language;
  • You can look for e-learning tools available in the Internet, such as the Camões Virtual Centre, or the Easy Portuguese;;
  • Buy a Conversation Guide and a Dictionary that can support you in the first days contacts;
  • Or just go out and discover by yourself that Santarém and Rio Maior are young cities, plenty of students, where english language is wide spoken and you’ll find it is easy to be understood.

To stay

When you arrive, if you are planning to stay for more than 3 months:

  • Register yourself and your familiy (if it is the case) in the City Hall;;
  • Go to the Public Finance Office and ask for the VAT number card;
  • In the local Health Office ask for the Health Card;
  • As soon as you start a professional activity it is necessary to ask for a Social Security number;
  • Open a bank account in order to better do bank transactions. Usually salary payments are done by bank transfers;
  • All academic titles and diplomas should be recognised and translated into portuguese (it is also possible to start this process before leaving your country; for further information contact your National Contact Point for the Mutual Recognition of Professional Qualifications);
  • Enjoy the sun and the portuguese hospitality